Nanook of the South

Good think I have a name tag! How else could you recognize me??

All geared up and nowhere to go??? Not me, the weather is looking good and I’m scheduled out on the next flight tomorrow morning.

Today was all about getting oriented to “The Ice” and getting my “Extreme Cold Weather” gear. I met a bunch of people going to my Field Camp including the Sous Chef and the Chef. I broke the news to them that I was Gluten Free and they still want to be my friend.  Whoo hoo! Did I mention the sous chef is a baker?? She went on and on about the great gluten free recipes she knows that non gluten free people love gobble up! SCORE!!! There’s also a Seahawks fan who brought his 12th man Flag. (Maybe the Seahawks should start following my blog. #BlueFridayInAntarctica)

So what is “Extreme Weather Gear” you ask? Its the layers that keep me from freezing my (fill in the blank or blanks) off!

 img_1565  img_1567

img_1568 img_1569


I’m totally excited and my biggest fear now (except maybe how severe the cold will feel when I step off the military plane) is wanting to keep going down there season after season. Will this just be an experience? Or will I be converted and do a winter season down there? Who knows, for now I just want to get through the flight there which is a 5 1/2 hour military plane flight.  And then get past the shock of how cold it is as I’m told we need to have all our gear on when we step off the flight.  So my outfit for tomorrow is the following:

Long wool underwear (bottoms and top)

2 pairs of wool socks

Fleece Sweatshirt

quilted carharrt overalls

neck gaiter

fleece hat and fleece bakalava

Wool glove liners and mittens

Baffen Fleece lined boots

Burr, I’m cold just thinking about it!!!  It’s been great seeing how many views of the first post, be sure to follow the blog so you get notified when I post again.  You don’t want to miss my post about digging a ditch or making an igloo and sleeping outside for the night!

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