Best 4 hour long sunset ever!!


My first night in Mactown (what we call McMurdo here) was so awesome.  After being up at 5am to get ready for my flight in Christchurch and the most exhilarating flight down, I was just starting my second wind by 9/10pm when I was setting out to meet my field camp crew at the local bar Southern Exposure or “Southern” for a drink.  A double Bombay and tonic (no lime and in a reusable plastic cup that looks just like a red solo cup) runs about $8 here, and measured precisely. From there I heard about a party in Hut 10, which I guess used to be where the head haunch used to live when there was a military presence here. I think, don’t hold me to that.  Now it can be reserved for parties.  It sits just looking out over the bay with a big bay window that you can crawl up into.  Around 11/12:00 the sun started to set and lingered there in all its glory welcoming me for about 4 hours, not sure even if it actually ever set.  I mean really… I’ve never seen a sun linger in its setting state for so long!

2 thoughts on “Best 4 hour long sunset ever!!

    1. I can drink while I’m in town cause I’m not on call here, but once I’m at the camp its pretty much baileys in my coffee and maybe an amarretto disaronno on ice. No partying for sure! I’m on 24/7 once I’m there.

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