Halloween on The Ice is so nice!

Holidays here are celebrated on the Saturday evening before or after the holiday because Monday through Saturday are work days. Last night was our Halloween and there was a big party in the “big gym”.   I went as a snow bunny since the big white boots they issue us  are called “Bunny Boots”.  (though I was given a much more badass pair of Baffens since I’m going to a field camp).  The bunny boots have this valve on them so they fill with the air from a warm room and that is what insulates your feet.  I got a pair of bunny ears from gear issue (where you can take instruments, games, costumes, etc out to borrow).  For a tail I made on in the craft room.  Everyone was super excited about the tail and it was getting squeeze and batted all night, who can resist a bunny tail!  By the end of the night I lost it and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I figured someone got a good souvenir!

Costume inspiration : ECW gear Bunny Boots

The costumes were so awesome though I may have pre-funked a little too hard cause I don’t remember all the costumes. For sure there was a couple penguins, a dinosaur, the tooth fairy, a girl scout (the last two both guys), my roommate and her scientist group went as the crew from batman.


And some good news…  The tail was recovered!  Someone on the clean up crew found it and returned it to me today.  I love this place!


One thought on “Halloween on The Ice is so nice!

  1. Hi Michelle-
    I just got caught up on your writing. Thank you for sharing your adventures. You’ve got the beginning of a movie script!

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