Snowmen of WAIS Divide

In my last post I forgot about a few extras around town.  Possibly some stowaways on the few flights we’ve had so far this year out at WAIS. Please let me introduce you to a few of my chilly friends here at WAIS. How can I live out here on top of 10,000 feet of snow and not make a snowman??  The reality is that this snow isn’t all that good for rolling little balls of snow up into big bellies for a snow man, so I usually have to shovel out a hard block of snow to help create these guys but either way…I think these little buddies have a lot of personality.

The night before the Traverse guys left for Pirrit Hills, after working hard to get their rig ready to go, I helped them make their own snowman. Enjoy this montage of the making of Mr. Traversollini.

Our Finished Snowman, Traversollini, so photogenic and a member of the team that he made their holiday card!


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