Creepy Places (Part I)

I’m hoping for this to be a multipart series in the blog.  As some of you may know, there is a lot of history out here on Midway.  It was a military base for many, many years with thousands of people living here.   The battle of Midway was a gory one indeed.  Many, many soldiers died defending the island and our country after the attacks on Pearl Harbor.


In it’s “hay day”, this place was happening with a bowling alley, theater, library, gymnasium, etc.  Now many of these places have “KEEP OUT” signs but there are still a few that don’t and are open to wander through.  I imagine some location scouts might consider for their next horror movie!!   Back in the day I’m sure there wasn’t as much technology to keep buildings from succumbing to the elements.  The island’s weather can be harsh… rain storms bringing in cool air then tropical like heat waves.  This hasn’t faired well for the relic buildings built around the 1930’s and 40’s (my best guess).


I wandered into the Gymnasium yesterday and while some do use the main gymnasium for pickle ball, there are some back rooms that are super creepy.  I got chills when I opened some doors.  Check out these uber-spooky pics…

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5 thoughts on “Creepy Places (Part I)

    1. The equipment in the workout room looks like it is probably from WW2, well I guess they probably didn’t have Ellipticals then. Like most things on the island, it has all been sprinkled with rust by the elements fairies. The Elliptical I was on yesterday wouldn’t stay on for more than 10 min at a time, but the layer of rust helped push me with that much more resistance on the track. Probably all the same stuff from when you were here.

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