Ready for take off???

I mentioned before that these Albratross are probably the goofiest and silliest birds I’ve ever seen, and they are everywhere.  All day long I see them having their silly interactions and dances like I posted previously.  It took some time to get a good video of them trying to take off.  They have a giant wingspan and pretty big floppy feet that go “flop, flop, flop” as they run down the road, the field or a path towards the beach.  Make sure you have the sound on for these videos to really appreciate the  silliness of the take off.


Landing is another story usually a face plant is involved.  HoweOnce airborne they are really a beautiful bird with a wingspan that’s got to be 5 feet wide.  If they fly close overhead, especially on a sand dune on the beach, you can really hear them “swish” by.  Here’s a slide show of some shots I took sitting on said sand dune…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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