The Cargo Pier

069E0E92-20A1-4DCF-8DA8-BD00C33E495BOne of the very cool spots on the island, both literally and figuratively, is under the Cargo Pier.  The Cargo Pier really isn’t used much for cargo or mooring up a boat, at least never since I’ve been here.  It is however used plenty for recreation.  Usually by the volunteers and “Kupus” who do so much to support the Fish and Wildlife efforts out here.  Those guys work diligently to weed and plant and restore the habitat as well as monitoring the wildlife so they deserve some fun.


There’s the “diving board” on the far left.  You can see by the abrupt change in color of the water how it suddenly becomes deep.

The beach near the Cargo pier is pretty shallow for a smidge then it drops of dreastically deep.  This was dredged long ago when the military was here.  Now there’s a spot where you can jump off the Cargo Pier into the deep.  Maybe it’s about 15 feet??  I’m sure it’s refreshing but I haven’t had the courage to jump off yet.  Yes I’ve kayaked miles upon miles in lots of amazing and remote places (Patagonia, the Baja outback, New Zealand, San Juan Islands and the Florida keys) and I might seem all tough and courageous but there’s something about deep natural water that freaks me out.  I know some close friends have seen this IRL. I think it stems from hearing stories as a little girl about mafia and “cement shoes” that maybe makes me afraid a dead body is gonna pop up even though I’m not afraid of water or dead bodies, just deep water where I can’t see what’s under me.


The Cargo Pier is also a great place to go snorkeling.  The water here is about 2-3 feet and I can see the bottom so I’m good there.  However, there are sharks that hang out under the pier.  Not huge ones and they’re reef sharks (whatever that means but the way people say makes them sound “safe”).  I’ve snorkeled up near some and they look just a few feet long so I guess they can’t do that much harm.   It’s cool to snorkel though I’ve been laughed at for standing in the water wearing my mask w my snorkel in my mouth and just looking down from about 3 feet about the water level (5’8”-about 2 1/2 feet of water).

The Cargo Pier reminds me of the Giving Tree…  it offers so much to add to the happiness of the island residents.  The other day when it started to rain it offered shelter and a dry place for us to read our books.


And I guess you don’t always need two trees to do one of my favorite “activities”…






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