Day Bar

I got an email the other day from a friend who was switched to night shift.  I rarely ever see him anymore and he let me know he’d be in “day bar” and I should stop by.  This is basically bar time for the people who work at night, but during the day.  Either way, anytime you leave the bars here, day or night, the sun is out.

So I stopped in just to say hi (it was 10:45 am).  He wasn’t there but boy oh boy did I get a warm welcome.  What an interesting bunch of people.  I got a big “heeeeyyyy!” and I think They might have also said “Happy Birthday”.  There was a big sign, that I think they made in case John Kerry was getting his tour of McMurdo and the day bar was on the itinerary.


The people inside reminded me or that scene in Star Wars with all the strange characters.  At this bar there was a guy dressed as a sailor with a hat and everything, and more than one person with sequins.  I was offered a party cap but declined.


My friend wasn’t there so I left.  I’m not sure if I should be in a bar on a work day, even if I am mostly waiting around for a flight.  As I left I saw someone heading in and within a minute I heard the same loud welcome as he entered the bar…what a friendly bunch!

I think this is a link to the Star Wars bar scene. It’s pretty tough to try to open any you tube videos down here.


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