Pressure Ridge Hike


Pressure Ridge Hike

This weekend I got to take a walk out in front of Scott Base to see the Seals and the Pressure Ridges. It wasn’t a perfectly clear day but the sunlight shining through was beautiful and there were plenty of seals and their pups.

A pressure ridge is basically, from what I understand, what happens where there are two forces pushing against each other. All I know is that they make for some pretty impressive chunks of ice!

The seals are birthing now.  There were seals and their pups.  One mama had two pups, one was trying to snuggle and nurse and the other kept running away – or I would describe it more like inch worming away as that’s what it looks like when the move.  I saw one very pregnant one as well with a slightly bloody path behind here and we all thought she was going to deliver right before our eyes, so we waiting, and waited, and waited then gave up.

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