Hanging with the Kiwi Krew

Kewi Krew

I’ve made friends with a few of the Kiwi’s next door at Scott Base…they are some friendly and fun people and always good times to be had.  I joined them for an excursion back down to the Obs Tube to try again and see some seals.  Of course it’s one at a time at the Obs Tube so it was just chilling (literally) out down on the sea ice while each took a turn.  I love how big and bulky our Big Reds are compared to their oh so cool issued jackets with the orange and black and emblem of the penguin.  Too bad the Penguins weren’t out waddling around with us.  Check out this silly crew…


Check out this silly crew!


Not much more to see in the obs tube, a school of little fishes and some Terapods…but it’s still quite peaceful under there.


Down in the tube

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