I found Gilligan!! And the Skipper too!

Just kidding, no Gilligan or Skipper here, But I made it to the island!! I think we only took out a few birds on the landing. The pilot said she saw one walking the midline on the runway but there was nothing she could do (I guess you can’t swirve to avoid it).


But there’s still somewhere between 1-2 million still left. Yes you heard me right… 1-2,000,000!!!I really don’t know how to talk about this island without talking about the birds. They are everywhere and nesting right now so some are sitting on top of baby birds, some are kibitzing with their neighbors (that’s a funny sight) and some are in the middle of the road which makes it kind of hard to bike. They aren’t the brightest birds, they aren’t aggressive or defensive of their babies. They mostly just make a lot of noise, a noise that kind of sounds like they are clapping. I like to think they are excited to see me or think I’m doing a great job walking down the road… I tell them to hold their applause but they just bring it on.


The people here are so super nice and friendly!! I can’t say enough about how welcoming they are.

The food is amazing… Thai chefs and they also have a hydroponic greenhouse so the salad is so fresh! They also have tomatoes and soon to have some cukes. I hear there are some banana, lime and other trees too.

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