Red Rover, Red Rover…

There’s many ways to get around this island.  We all are given a bike.  I got to go pick out my bike on my first day and right there on the end of a line of bikes of different colors and different stages of rusting was a bright turquoise bike…the same turquoise in the shallow waters around the island.  It was calling to me.  The guys in the bike shop put a basket on the front and my license plate on the back… “MED1” (also my radio tag).  This is my transportation of choice.

My wheels

I also have an old red golf cart that some refer to as the “island ambulance” but joking around with one of the fire fighters the other day we came up with the name “Red Rover”.  As in “Red Rover, Red Rover let Med1 come over”.  I’ll probably only be using it when the planes come in and out as I’m supposed to be out on the taxiway with it.  I took it out the other day when they were fixing the basket on my bike and when I got back in it, I couldn’t get it started.  I walked over to headquarters and one of the mechanics drove back to Red Rover with me to see if he could fix it.  Of course he gets in and turns it right on.  OK, so old golf carts are not my thing.

Red Rover

At night I use my third means of transportation…my two feet.  It’s hard enough navigating around the birds in the road without hitting to getting hit by a bird (they lack grace in their take offs and landings).  At night its hard to see the little baby albatross who wander into the road.  The petrols are up and super curious so they’ll fly right into you, especially if you have a light on.  At night the moon is pretty bright so I usually don’t need a head lamp, but if I do use one, its down at my side so the birds fly into my legs and not my head!

Here’s a video of a bird I like to call the “Jaywalker”..



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