Me and my Ukulele…

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One of my goals I hope to achieve while out here on Midway is to learn how to play the Ukulele.  I bought a cheap ukulele in Honolulu before I came out to this island and I was fortunate to find a very talented Thai worker here who knows how to play and offered me lessons.  He asked in return that I teach him how to read piano music (he has a keyboard here) and I used to play and I’m pretty sure I can return the favor and teach him how to play.

I’ve had one lesson, most of which was tuning my very cheap Uke (I might need to buy a nicer one on Amazon).  I learned four chords, that he said make up most songs, and I think I’ve got them down pat.  We had the lesson on his front porch, so I had an audience of Albatross.  They are, of course, my biggest fans… clapping and whistling away as I learned my chords.

I took my Uke down to the cargo pier yesterday before dinner and I’m teaching myself how to play “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley.  I’m pretty excited, there’s nothing like being on a beautiful island and strumming some good reggae on your uke.


A little out of focus since I’m using my zoom lens (must stay 150ft from the turtles), but these guys were hanging out on the beach while I played.  I saw one’s head bobbing in the water near the pier.

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