April Fool’s Midway!!


For an April Fool’s prank, I decided to put bicycle tassels on people’s bikes around the island!  You know, the kind we had when we were kids.  I couldn’t buy tassels since there’s no store here that sells them and ordering them would take a fair amount of time to get here, what with limited flights and ships coming out here.  Fortunately for this prank (unfortunately for the planet) there is plenty of marine debris available to someone creative and mischievous like me.   So using some of the marine rope that washes ashore constantly, I made some tassels.  I did recruit and island friend and co-conspirator to help me out.  Then, last night, we went out and put them on the bikes for people to find this morning.   It wasn’t hard for people to figure out it was me, they’re getting to know my personality by now.  We’ll see how long and who leaves their cute tassels on the bikes.   April Fool’s Midway!!!


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