Creepy Places Part III – The Forgotten Room

I’m gonna say this one takes the cake.  Why??  Because it’s in the building I live in!  First, let me tell you a little bit about the housing here on the island.  Most people live in these remodeled houses that are really nice.  Others live in duplex homes, also nice.  Both of those have been around since the war but have pretty much been remodeled.  I live is what is called Charlie Barracks.  There is also a Bravo Barracks, a twin of Charlie Barracks, next door but that’s condemned and due to come down in a year or so (see the picture below, its exactly what my Barracks look like).  There are two other Barracks behind my office that are also condemned and no one goes in them.  There use to be other homes but they’ve been torn down in the past few years and though there’s sometimes still a cement foundation still there, those areas are being taken back by the island and covered in Albatross nests and Petrel burrows.

So back to Charlie Barracks, where I live, in this three story building with about 30 or so rooms and only one other guy who lives upstairs from me.  (Interesting that this was the last person for me to meet on this island and I didn’t set eyes on him for at least a week, he’s kid of a hermit).  Anyhoo…  its pretty quiet here in “Charlie” though on occasion I have heard some really strange sounds that I try to pretend I didn’t hear.  The walls are cinderblock and rebar is rusting from within.  It’s the last standing Barracks.  That said, I like my digs.  It has a living area, a full size fridge (who needs it with the great food here made by the Thai’s), microwave and a queen bed.  Did I mention the nice sized TV with the Air Force Network providing weather from around the world, Magnum PI practically around the clock, and the descriptive channel for the blind… “silver and blue lines form the profile of a cubby man” = Alfred Hitchcock intro.

Bravo Barracks taken from my window in Charlie.  The beach is just on the other side of those ironwood trees, so I guess you can say I have a beach side condo.

One night I was doing laundry which is down this long hallway and down the stairs.  I sent a friend this pic on my way back to my room down the deserted hallway.  My room at that far left dark corner by the EXIT sign.


But that’s not what my super creepy meter go off.  I was walking around one day, exploring the third floor, when I saw a door with a padlock on it.  THere’s plenty of locked doors around here , however this one had some slats on the door that were missing at about knee level., a couple feet off the floor.  So I squatted down to take a peek through the spot in the door with the missing slats and this is what I found.

The Forgotten Room in Charlie Barracks (where I live!)

What do you think?  Where does this fall on the creepy scale?

2 thoughts on “Creepy Places Part III – The Forgotten Room

  1. Looks like an electrical room with tons of mold on the ceiling. I guess it’s too much for them to paint the walls/ceiling to make it pretty.

    1. They are remodeling another building now. Charlie Barracks will eventually be torn down. There are guys painting some stuff up on the third floor. I’ll check it out and see if it got painted. Doubtful. They have been taking down old buildings out here. Trying to make it more of a national wildlife refuge and less of a hazardous buildings/WW2 crumbling military base.

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