First and foremost I’m most definitely not a morning person.  Maybe it’s the full moon causing me to wake so early the past week but since I was wide awake at 4 am this morning I decided to make my coffee then head out to watch the sunrise.


With the moon all big and bright it was easy to bike across the island to the far side of the harbor where I set up my hammock to kick back and watch the sunrise over Eastern Island (another small island in this Atoll inhabited only by a whole bunch of birds).

The clouds were big and billowy and slowly moved closer where the drizzled on me.  So I just rolled my hammock around me for the few minutes of rain and hunkered down while I waited for it to pass.


I saw the usual Albatross flying around but also some Albatross chicks,Frigates, Sooty Terns and White Terns.  It was pretty, here’s some pics…but all in all, I think I’m more of a sunset person and less of a morning person.

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(While this post is in present tense, it was written while I was on the island…posted off island where the internet is much more cooperative.)


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