Hanging with my island peeps.

One thing is for sure… the islanders like any reason to have a friendly celebration.  Sometimes it was just after dinner or pickle ball hosted in one of the backyards of the Thai residences or hosted by the company that runs the ins and outs of the island from the “morale funds”, it was always nice to kick back and enjoy each other’s company.

With a population of Thai Nationals on the island I got to enjoy some of their culture which included BBQ’s eggs, coconut rice in banana leaves, homemade poke from fresh caught fish and their interesting “Thai Whiskey.”   I called it “wood juice” since its some form of alcohol with wood chips soaking in it and supposedly it makes you “strong” (which can be interpreted a multitude of ways).   I was always on call so thankfully I didn’t partake much which probably saved me from some nasty hangovers.  The Thai’s don’t like to see an empty glass, so I had to always make sure some was in my glass or I’d instantly get a refill.

Other pastimes on the island for sure include some good karaoke and pickle ball.  I was in the tournament when I left, leaving my partner to find another teammate.  We were in the losers bracket but still in the running, hopefully he’ll take us to the final and win!

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