Art in Antarctica



I’ve been to two art exhibits down here, probably more than I’ve been to in the last year in Seattle. One was out in the field camp and it was an art exhibit outside! Took a while to find a calm enough day to do it, but it was beautiful. The art was supposed to represent “ice” in some way and brought down to us by one of the researchers who is a “glaciologist” (study of ice). The exhibit will be making it’s rounds in the states as well, and did make an appearance back in McMurdo. During this exhibit, they asked us all to wear our Big Red coats for pictures, but one troublemaker wore a guerrilla costume. Pictures of this art exhibit made it to the second art exhibit back in McMurdo entitled appropriately…”guerrilla art”. MAAG was the title of this art exhibit located in the fuel barn (headquarters for the fuel department here). It was modern art exhibits made in (and out of stuff) in Antarctica.

Some pics of the field camp exhibit…

And some from the Modern Art exhibit in McMurdo…

Here is a slideshow of some modern art displayed…

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