Tour of WAIS – The Galley

The Galley…


Our Galley Tent is more than just where the kitchen is and where we ate.  We also hung out in this area as well, playing games, reading or just chatting.

We had our morning meetings here where we would learn the weather report for the day from our own weather guys, and camp news like that our email was still down and what planes are due for the day (though they usually got cancelled).  We would usually get a cheesy joke of the day like…Why did the cookie go to the hospital???  Because he felt crummy!!!  Waaahhh!!!  Haaaaa!!! Haaaaa!  We got a new one every day.  Then we would stretch as a group after the “pen of destiny” was spun to pick someone to lead stretches for the day.

I would find myself wandering through the Galley  during the day when I had a lack of things to do.  There was always some dishes to wash and snow to be shoveled and hauled in to be melted.  Our Chef and Sous Chef (Fran and Caithlin) were amazing.  It’s a wonder how they made such amazing food with out anything fresh and everything having been frozen at some point.  Fran was the master of meats and Caithlin is the master of the baked goods (including gluten free stuff).  They both went out of their way to make me gluten free options and I love them for it.

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