Lazy Sunday


Sunday was chill… I biked around the island some more.  I’m starting to get the hang of navigating around the birds.  They mostly stay on the grassy areas on either side of the roads but man, when they cross the street things can get tricky.


Black Footed Albatross 

I’ve learned that it’s best to go behind them cause they tend to walk forward but they don’t really see you until you’re about a foot from them then they try to waddle quickly away and your not sure which way they’ll dart.  It’s not the ones on the ground that make biking all that tricky but the ones coming in for a landing you need to watch out for.  They aren’t the most graceful when they land and as I was heading out to the beach along the old runway one was coming in low and flew right into my bike.  I stopped, turned around and watched it shake off the recent collision then thankfully flew off again.  Phew!  I really don’t want to accidentally kill one of them  though I’m sure it will happen one day.  I know one day one will for sure knock me off my bike… from the tip of one wing to the other they are as long as I am tall with about the IQ of the nail on my pinky finger.


I sat out on the beach for an hour or so and had the whole thing all to myself (except for six giant tires and a whole bunch of birds).  The water is the most beautiful shade of turquoise and the sand is so clean!


Back when this was a bustling military base with thousands of people on it, I bet Midway Bowl was the happening place with its shiny waxed lanes.  It’s slightly dilapidated now but not yet condemned.  Sunday evening I got some of the fish and wildlife volunteers to sign up for bowling.  We need at least four people, that’s 10% of the population of the island now, to get the lanes turned on.   They showed up to play but no one showed up to turn on the lanes, fortunately there was plenty other stuff to keep us busy in there including ping pong, pool, skeet ball, darts and Jenga to mention a few… I had just about the most exciting giant Jenga game ever…

This Jenga tower was taller than me!!

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